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Eagle understudy

Just returned home after two weeks US. Well, work is work of course – although I always like to be away from the office for a while - but the weekend in between was fantastic. I flew down from Chicago to Maryland to visit the Conowingo Dam. You know I’ve been drooling all over Rivadock4’s (Wayne) and Nikographer’s (Jon) Bald Eagles pictures for quite some time now. When they learned I was visiting the US they both said I should come over to see those great birds for myself.


So.. I booked a flight, rental car, hotel and I was all set. The only two things left where finding my way to the Dam and finding the guys. As Hans so often says; geography not being one of my virtues, the first would be a challenge in itself, and the second was not really well prepared either, since we didn’t know how we all looked, didn’t agree on a particular spot and didn’t know each other’s cell numbers either. (sounds exactly like me..)


I’m really proud to announce that I succeeded in finding my way down there without flaws (and without speeding tickets too!). When I drove up the Dam, I immediately saw a couple of Eagles so my expectations were high. But no matter how I looked, I couldn’t find anyone who resembled a Flickrite anywhere. But despite that, I really enjoyed driving through the marvelous area and visiting the Susquehanna State Park. (where I shot this Heron)


After returning to the hotel, both gentlemen were in my email inbox. “where were you”!! So, although Jon couldn’t make it, we set a new date for the next day. The day started off like a dream; cruising through Maryland’s beautiful country side, morning fog still in the valleys, the forests dressed in full autumn attire and the sun coming up bright red. Pitty I suck at landscapes :-).


Wayne and I met up at the Dam as the sun just pierced through the fog. The eagles where there already albeit far away up in the power pylon. Unfortunately, some %$@&% fishermen chose to go fishing beyond the set borders at exactly the spot where the eagles normally would feed after catching fish. So they kept their distance. I would have been really happy to shoot some bazookahs up that fishing boat!! So no, I don’t have any good eagle shots but I did have a wonderful time watching them and talking to all the people I met there. And maybe that’s even more precious..


I hope to go down there again one day to have another go. Meanwhile, Wayne, thank you so much for your wonderful company!!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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Taken on October 25, 2008