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311. Louisiana | by Lonyl
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311. Louisiana


Come go away with me

Drinking our coffee

Under the canopy

Never saw a morning

I slept through half a day

There's thunder and there's lightening

A hundred miles away, oh"


First of, I'm not entirely sure what happened here, but this was kinda the funniest picture from today's session. I guess that is how it goes when you want to show off more than one thing at once...


First thing I want to show off is: I got a postcard! That sweet, southern gal Nanny Snowflake has sent me one from Louisiana. I've promised to send one back, but being a lazy slob I still haven't gotten around too it. One a side note on this point: There is a postcard on the way from the sweet Indonesian gal Yulia, and the sweet Indonesian gal All_Ophelia has also sent me a postcard, which apparently has disappeared along the way, since it was sent like 8 weeks ago or something... Never trust a mail man I say! (**EDIT** It appeared in my mail box the day after. Quite weird how things work sometimes **EDIT**)-


Second thing I want to show off: My local skate shop had a sale today, so I got me some sweet, new skate shoes from Etnies at a real bargain. They feel so great, but since I have been away for a while and haven't touched my skateboard, I am kinda rusty.. And of course, two seconds after I bought my shoes it started raining so I only got a short ride before I had to pack up and get indoors... Booo hooo, it's supposed to rain for ages now :(


Third: I love this song and this band (The Walkmen). I was first introduced to them by a friend at a class trip a few years ago. At that point I asked her if she did have some music that did not give me dandruff in my ears....She didn't really enjoy that, and I have kinda changed my mind on "the Walkmen" since then.. Check them out if you got the time!


Strobist info: 430EXII camera left @ 1/8 through softbox straight at target (Still haven't got the hang on reflective surfaces like my board there...).



Jørn, blaming the mail man

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Taken on June 29, 2011