Cradle of Estuary _ 9monthEARTH
For nine months this golden egg was in an earth gallery atop Vienna between two rubber dinghy's. Inside the golden egg, the CRADLE OF ESTUARY was embedded. CRADLE OF ESTUARY is a hammock made with the umbilical cords of goats from the archaic Sinai desert by the shepherdess and artist Barbra Anna Husar. She collected the life leading strings for 7 years and was connecting the cords in 2014 in the Candyfactory Vienna. Between 10.01.2015 and 08.10.2015 the hammock was in the cave. From there it was transported to the top of a tower in Vienna West, where a bolt of lightening made of umbilical cords is now in the making.

Fotos: Elena Handl, Elisabeth Handl, Claudia Weidinger
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