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Day Three Hundred Sixty Four

364/365 - The Finish Line - Snow Patrol

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January, Saturday 15th.

So here were are... The end has never been so close.

I guess it's time for the ending credits of this project.

One of the first thing I want to say is for myself : "damn I'd have never though I'll make it to the end !"

Cause even if I knew I could do a project like this, I wasn't sure to be ready for it when it started and I wasn't sure it was the good moment to do it with my studies.

But I think there's no good moment and sometimes you just have to stop postpone stuff. Later won't be better or worst, but later won't be now.

It was a huge personnal work and involvement. I know I've done a lot of bad shots but I hope I've done some cool ones.

It's part of the process, you can't be great and motivated everyday and beside photography and the project you still have a social life, so sometimes it's really hard to handle everything at the same time.

But I think that's when you learn the most, when it's hard, when you don't want to do it, when you don't have time, when you're alone, when you're tired...

This project was about learning everyday, at every shot, at every issue or at every success.


I learn a lot on myself, about my motivation, about my confidence, about my doubts. Before this project I wasn't doing self portraits cause I really didn't like to see myself on a picture, but I've learn to be on both side of the camera and accept the fact that it was my reflection and I could'nt change it.


I guess I've done a different project from the typical 365, I wanted to get a lot of different style of photography with different kind of subjects. I was ok to take some self portraits as the connecting thread of the project but I wanted to show you what I usually photography : my friends, action pictures, watershots, fashion... I though it could be interesting.

Since the first shot, I decided to quote every pictures I made with some lyrics from a song cause music is a huge inspiration for me.

In fact I've to admit that it took me usually longer to find the good song than shooting the picture itself. It was a huge labor but I hope you've enjoy it.


I started this project to follow my friend Cyril, to boost my creativity and improve my skills.

I'm really happy to have done this while I was studying photography, cause I really enjoy this two years and that project is giving memories of a whole year. When I take a look at each picture I still remember everything about the place, the people, the mood I was in, the way I felt, the things I've done during the day.

It's simply amazing cause I've had a crazy year to be honest.


One of the toughest thing of the project was the fact I was running out of everything, out of time, out of sleep, out of ideas, out of work...

I had not enough time to study right, not enough time to see my familly, not enough time to sleep, not enough time for my girl, not enough time to see my friends, not enough time to party, not enough time to everything in fact... So I guess everyone has started to be mad about me, cause I've not been the best friend, son or student during this year. It was really tough for me cause I was fully aware of that. But I'm really grateful to my friends, my familly and my girl cause I'm sure they've been indulgent with me and they understood what all of this was about. But it made me sad, cause I don't like to be good at what I'm doing. I didn't bother about school work that much, I guess I did ok but that is time to focus on the exams coming in few months. So the timing of the project is perfect.

So I want to say sorry to everyone I've unintentionally hurt during this year. I swear I'll be a better guy in 2011.


I hope I'll take the time to print the book of this project for myself, maybe for my familly and my friends.

I want to take the time to select my favorite pictures of the project and print them in order to make an exhibition set up and find some places to be shown.

Cause I started this project to share, so I'll hope I'll be able to continue that.


What's net for 2011 ? I won't start a full time project like this cause I really need to focus on many things I've forsaken during this year, but I'll definitly continue to photography !

I'm starting to make the pictures for my exams, it's a serie of pictures about "La France Des Champions". I'm focusing on sports champ in France that aren't known. I'll do most of the pictures using large format and medium format camera with films and strobes.

Wish me to successed through this other project and do great at my exams in June.

I hope I'll time to shoot a lot on films this year.

The main project of 2011 is the launch of "UNSEEN" with Cyril and Guilhem, wich is going to be operational in few weeks.

This is going to be our official baby and I'll give you updates about this.


I guess things are going to be crazier in 2011. Be sure to suscribe to my website and the facebook page to stay in touch.


Last but no least, this was a shot I wanted to do for a while with Pauline, but we never had the occasion so I asked Laurine to do it.

We went there with Clémence, Loic and Hugo who helped me a bit with the lighting. Loic was holding the lighstand on the right while Laurine was running on the stairway escalator.

I wanted to use Robert Francis Keep On Running's lyrics for this shot but I've already use it so I chose to use this beautiful Snow Patrol song wich is a band I really like.


Thanks for your visit and your interest everyone.

Link to The Finish Line - Snow Patrol music video.


Light :

- Canon speedlite 540EZ through 24" square softbox and CTO gel, 1/32 power, 35mm, on the top right, fired by Cactus V4.


Canon EOS 7D - Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM


Sébastien Huruguen


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Taken on January 15, 2011