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Drobo - In position.

Amazon just delivered my 5m FW800 cable so Drobo is now hidden away in this rightful home in the bookcase instead of on the desk. Already enjoying the experience a lot more now I can't hear it whirring away all the time! Will be getting some more drives for this bad boy soon but for now it has 3x 500GB drives and a single 200GB drive which will be the first one to be replaced when it starts getting full. Access speeds aren't rapid but then this is really only going to be used as a tank to store away old video projects and working files as well as some media so performance isn't essential.


What is important is reliability which I am hoping the storage array will provide me over time. Early impressions good, full review to follow shortly. Check out my blog at jonhume.co.uk if you want to see more like this, or visit www.theultralinx.com for more reviews and tech posts.


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Taken on March 3, 2012