Indian Brides - Fusion Experimental Preview
14th August 2010 ... Wonderful day of my life... So many things achieved in one single day .. A day of fasting by default (Roza) .. A day of hard work ... A day of sharing ... A day of expressing .. A day of abundance of joy and happiness .. A day of meeting of minds with hearts .. A day of pure smiles n laughter ... Day of "EXCELLENCES"; getting together .. A day which I wont trade for another .. A day of collaborative effort .. A day where I shot a theme, which I wanted to shoot from a long time.

A day where I met not one, not two, but 7 different Brides.

Vivacious and a delight to work with - Ridheema Tiwari - an absolute live wire in terms of posing.

Eternal beauty Shradha Lotlikar with mesmerizing hazel brown eyes. A model to watch out for.

Last but not least Sharmlee Raj .. she upholds her name 'Sharmilee' for being the perfect indian sharmilee bride who has enchanting smile to die for.

Thanks Naresh Nagda for putting this all up.

Thanks Shabir bhai for always being there.

Thanks Nitin and Alpa .. It was pleasure knowing you and n working with you both .. you both are a store house of immense talent in makeup wizadry nd hair styling.

Lastly thanks so much Rima for being the soul of this shoot ... without you, ur wardrobe and styling these brides would have been mere portraits .. u have filled life into them
U r not only a wonderful person but u r the best of the best ... Wouldn't hv been possible without you.
Brides: Sharmilee Raj, Ridheema Tiwari & Shraddha Lotlikar.
Designer & Stylist: Rima Melwani
Make up: Nitin Lotlikar
Hair Styling: Alpa Khimani
Asst: Swapnil Angre

Thanks: Shabir Patel.
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