Mumbai - 'Blue Hour' & Night Long Exposure visuals © Humayunn N A Peerzaada - All Rights Reserved
City of Mumbai shot during the 'Blue Hour' - Long exposure.

Thanks so much Babul for all the tips and guru mantras on night photography.
I am indebted and Dear Babul I owe you one for this.
I wouldn't have ventured out if it was not for you.
Thanks Thanks Thanks.
So all my flickr friends here are the night visual of "Mumbai" the city which never sleeps.
Babul now as you have got me addicted, I promise you there will be lots of night shots to come in future.

Not only lot of time, energy & hard work has gone into clicking all these pictures but also hours and hours of working on PS has gone into each of these photographs which are there in my stream.
It really pains when ones photographs gets stolen by someone and uploaded on their photo stream, calling those photographs as their own.
It hurts even more when websites, magazines, blogs, newspapers & travelogues take your photos, print them, publish them and don't even photo credit you by printing your name with it.

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© Humayunn N A Peerzaada - All Rights Reserved.
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