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Photo by Mario Moreno

Mario Moreno is a professional photographer from Knysna, South Africa. He has no formal training but has been teaching himself the art for the last thirty years. His images of wildlife have been published in Canon catalogues and brochures, Hallmark postcards, Travel Africa Magazine and Wild Magazine to name a few. Some of his photographs were finalists in the BBC Wildlife Photographer competition.


Story Behind:


I woke up with a plan. I had to capture this image - A lone acacia tree against the back drop of the sunrise in the open plains just north of the Satara camp. It would be the perfect iconic representation of the African landscape.


I was in Kruger National Park driving towards the location I had in mind which I had spotted yesterday, when I passed by two White Rhinos; endangered species. I slammed the breaks and got out of the car. It was a wonderful scene. I observed that the sun had begun to rise and was sitting just above the horizon. A light mist settled over the plains, creating a soft texture; ideal conditions for a shot.


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Taken on December 4, 2011