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Why This Photo Is Meaningful to Me: I first saw the kittens outside a drainpipe at work on January 6th. Realizing now why the feral cat I was feeding had been so hungry, I started bringing extra food to the drain pipe for her kittens. The mother cat allowed me to get close, and once even seemed to call the kittens to come out to eat what I had brought. The mother cat called and 3 of the 5 kittens ran out of the pipe and came up to me and devoured the food. Being January in Pennsylvania, the nighttime temperatures were dropping into single digits and we were having snow storms which the kittens endured by crawling inside the pipe. I caught all 5 kittens and coworkers adopted them. We kept Gus. Gus just learned his first lesson about warm dryer sheets. He never again wants to sleep out in the cold and much prefers toasty sheets in the laundry basket. I managed to catch the mother cat and thanks to the Humane League and their Trap/Neuter-Spay/Release program

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Taken on February 27, 2011