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    1. ericapage73 116 months ago | reply

      OK. I am sending this to Deleteme! group. I know you will rip it to shreds, but please, be CONSTRUCTIVE.

    2. Kaippally:കൈപ്പള്ളി 116 months ago | reply

      and so right you are.

      This is so blurry my eyes hurt looking at it even in the tiny size you have provided.

      This will be out in a heartbeat

      -voted as "deleteme" (from the Delete me! group)

    3. Henning through the lens 116 months ago | reply

      -Visible sky with stars

      - Clouds are purple
      - Playground is not visible enough
      (ever tried adding light ("painting")with flashlight etc?)
      - Ugly tree in top middle destroying good lines
      - too much nouse

      -voted as "deleteme2" (from the Delete me! group)

    4. Hughes Léglise-Bataille 116 months ago | reply

      There are things I really like, and others I really don't ! I like the greens a lot at the bottom half. The blue sky would have been ok if it weren't for the "tower" (?) in the middle, which is really intrusive. And then you got some green leaves on the top left which should be removed. All in all, it's a -voted as "deleteme3" (from the Delete me! group)

    5. Automatt 116 months ago | reply

      Love it
      a wonderful set
      but too grainy!

      -voted as "deleteme4" (from the Delete me! group)

    6. itstheclamsname 116 months ago | reply

      The colors grabbed my attention and I like the overall creepy look... what I don't like is the loss of detail in the dark portions. This would be cooler if there was more definition to the playground stuff.

      -voted as "deleteme4" (from Deleteme! group)

    7. ccgd 116 months ago | reply

      I'm not quite sure what the photo is trying to convey. The colours and texture are nice, but the blur and lack of message confuse me I'm afraid.

      -voted as "deleteme5" (from Deleteme! group)

    8. david__jones 116 months ago | reply

      It's a very odd photo - don't know what to make of it. I like the slightly creepy feel too, I'm very distracted by the tree in the middle but I do like the sky. A messy pic!

      -voted as "deleteme6" (from the Delete me! group)

    9. Djumbo 116 months ago | reply

      Do you really like it yourself?
      I'm really trying very hard for finding:
      a thing of beauty
      a thing of interest
      a thing of composition
      I don't find it.
      And for sure my granddaughter can not go to play there now !

      -voted as "deleteme7" (from the Delete me! group)

    10. Kristina J. [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      Too much noise/grain and it doesn't really come together compositionally.

      -voted as "deleteme" (from Deleteme! group)

    11. Tom Q 116 months ago | reply

      Too grainy, and too dark on the play area.

      -voted as "deleteme9" (from the Delete me! group)

    12. Robin Thom 116 months ago | reply

      I think it has been fairly assessed above.

      -voted as "deleteme10" (from the Delete me! group)

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