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    This is my load for today. Broccoli. Brocs for short.

    I had to steam this add a very little salt to taste. Many dont love eating this kind of vegetables because of its taste.

    But think the benefits we can get out from Broccoli:

    Broccoli provides a high amount of vitamin C, which aids iron absorption in the body, prevents the development of cataracts, and also eases the symptoms of the common cold.

    The folic acid in broccoli helps women sustain normal tissue growth and is often used as a supplement when taking birth control pills and during pregnancies.

    The potassium in broccoli aids those battling high blood pressure, while a large amount of calcium helps combat osteoporosis.
    The vegetable is also fiber-rich, which enhances the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, as well as aims to reduce blood cholesterol levels.
    In recent years, broccoli has made the headlines regarding three components found in the vegetable. For instance, indole-3-carbinol has captured the attention of those looking to prevent hormone-related cancers, such as breast- and prostate cancer.
    I3C promotes "good" hormones, while working against destructive ones. The sulforaphane in broccoli also helps to increase the level of enzymes that block cancer, while the beta-carotene in broccoli transforms into vitamin A within the body, providing an effective antioxidant that destroys free radicals (responsible for weakening the defense of cells).

    Additionally, the health benefits of broccoli have been linked to preventing and controlling the following medical concerns: Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, calcium deficiencies, stomach and colon cancer, malignant tumors, lung cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and even the aging process.

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    1. jim (hentsch) dell [deleted] 45 months ago

      Believe it or not I like these.

    2. whologwhy 45 months ago

      Thanks that you like this.

    3. Like A Sky Scraper 45 months ago

      Huge broccoli fans in this house. We have it for dinner at least 2 or 3 nights a week. Nice rich colors in this photo A+

    4. whologwhy 45 months ago

      Thanks Sis Selina, I love not to overcooked brocs as I love eating it green.

    5. Like A Sky Scraper 45 months ago

      Ya we steam it too. I like it crunchy!!

    6. Jeananne Martin 45 months ago

      We steam ours as well, sometimes a light roast in the oven afterward.
      The vibrant green from steaming is unmistakable, looks so good!

    7. Simon Downham 45 months ago

      My wife is very good at cooking healthy food for us. We have vegetables every day for our main meal and broccoli usually appears in the mix!

    8. ms4jah 45 months ago

      After reading everything you wrote, it really makes me want to eat more broccoli for the health benefits

    9. whologwhy 45 months ago

      Steaming Sis Jeananne is a nice way of cooking brocs.

    10. whologwhy 45 months ago

      Simon you had a healthy diet over there.

    11. whologwhy 45 months ago

      Yes Bro. Mike lets eat together brocs.

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