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    We found another jog site in the mountains. This is a newly developed subdivision they called Crown Heights. They are in the first phase of developing this area. So we found it nice place to jog on early in the morning.

    After our morning jog, have a 30 minutes rest, take a bath and dressed for our Preaching Activity.

    Now you may ask why I brought a black bag with me. That is my camera bag. Think of running with those bag at the back. But I can still run fast with my jogging buddy , Richard.

    This is just a slice of our life here in the Philippines. Now you see how it looks like a running photographer.

    1. Jeananne Martin 35 months ago

      I wish I was able to run like this.... soon!

    2. jim (hentsch) dell [deleted] 35 months ago

      Love it. You don't even look like your winded.

    3. whologwhy 35 months ago

      You can Sis Jeananne.

    4. whologwhy 35 months ago

      Hahaha, seems this is the start of the race.

    5. Simon Downham 35 months ago

      At the moment my fitness programme is limited to walking, so looking at this makes me feel quite exhausted :-)

    6. whologwhy 35 months ago

      Brisk Walking Simon?

    7. Simon Downham 35 months ago

      Well, as brisk as I can manage :-)

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