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Fresh is Good

After jogging early in the morning, I chanced to pass by fresh fish at the seashore near Bibiana Mercado Elem School in Danao.


Men Encouraged to Eat Fish


Men who eat large amounts of fatty fish, such as salmon, herring, and mackerel, are two to three times less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who rarely eat fish, say researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The 30-year study of 6,272 men took into account risk factors such as smoking. The researchers concluded that “so-called omega-3 fatty acids [found particularly in oily fish] apparently impede the growth of prostate cancer.” The same fatty acids “also reduce the risk of heart attack,” says the report. Hence, experts advise people to eat fish “once or twice a week.”


See the freshness. P80.00 pesos per kilo.

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Taken on June 21, 2007