Pop-tart gone terribly wrong.

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The toaster didn't want to let it go. Something wrong with it.

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  1. angelferd 117 months ago | reply

    se la quería comer
    buena foto

  2. Joie de Vivre 117 months ago | reply

    I assume this is an insurance photo?

  3. hukes 117 months ago | reply

    It could perfectly be an insurance photo. ;)

  4. A.Currell 117 months ago | reply

    I believe it says on the box not to put frosted pop tarts in a toaster.
    I don't pay attention to that myself, but your lawsuit is out the window.

  5. hukes 117 months ago | reply

    I just went and checked the box. It says the toaster has to be on a light setting. But then again, my toaster didn't work right. I had to stop it myself when it started smelling funny. So no lawsuit.

  6. atomicity 117 months ago | reply

    you've been inducted into the flaming poptarts club!
    it's a great evidentiary photo :)

  7. hukes 117 months ago | reply

    @atomicity: but those flaming poptarts are totally extreme!! Mine is so amateurish.

  8. ♥Rebecca♥ 117 months ago | reply

    guess you should stick with toast

  9. pirate johnny 117 months ago | reply

    The Frosted Poptarts are the best. Did you eat it anyway?

  10. hukes 117 months ago | reply

    I was tempted to eat it, but no, I didn't. It was more dignifying for the pop-tart ending up cremated than eaten.

  11. Caress [deleted] 117 months ago | reply

    Inviting pic though!

  12. swardraws 116 months ago | reply

    bummer. that thing could of burned down your house!

  13. hukes 116 months ago | reply

    I know. Good thing I was there and noticed that it was taking a bit longer to be done.

  14. atomicity 116 months ago | reply

    yeah, you're really lucky!~ a friend of mines poptarts started toasting themselves when he wasn't home, and it set his place on fire...

  15. hukes 116 months ago | reply

    My theory is taking shape: pop-tarts want to take over.

  16. atomicity 116 months ago | reply

    it's a conspiracy with the toaster cabal

  17. hukes 116 months ago | reply

    I'd like Scully to come over to investigate.

  18. Caryn Caldwell 116 months ago | reply

    Great shot. Loved the title, too.

  19. hukes 116 months ago | reply

    Thank you, moenkopi.

  20. barbiecakes [deleted] 99 months ago | reply

    ohh I like the frosting that way....
    Once, my toaster set a PopTart on fire. ;)

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