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    45 photographs of Naurissalmi strait (between Kulosaari island and Herttoniemi) sliced up into a single photo, January on the left and December on the right.

    One photo taken with a Nokia N8 each week for most weeks of 2011, all around the same time in the morning, except one near the middle taken near midnight near midsummer.

    Obviously when I started I wasn't planning on making an image like this, which is why it's a bit sqaunky.

    The Baltic sea ice lasted until mid-April, the leaves really turned golden in mid-October and had fallen in early November.

    See most of these photos individually here, where you can see the winter migration of the boats and a canoe slowly sinking (between weeks 45and 49).

    Idea taken from Eirik Solheim's much more impressive 3,888-photo image and using Aslak Hellesøy's script.

    Full size: 3960 x 2248, 9.35 MB.

    See also my guest post on Nokia Connects.

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    1. Rhian vK 36 months ago | reply

      Terrific! Maybe I can pinch it and post it?

    2. B A Hockman 36 months ago | reply

      I love the squankyness of it

    3. Éothain 36 months ago | reply


    4. twelve-amps [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

      Very cool.

    5. Chris Devers 36 months ago | reply

      Nice! I have a series like this that I've been meaning to do something useful with:

      That script looks straightforward — I'll have to give it a try this weekend. Thanks!

    6. hugovk 36 months ago | reply

      Chris, that's a great set, you should get something really good out of that. The really was very easy to use.

      The only thing I changed was the "width=10" line to match 4000/(number of input images). Actually, I changed to "let "width=4000/45"" so I could easily modify it and have the script calculate it for me.

      Please do post back to let me know when you have something!

      You could also get something fun from your ESCS Rebuild set.

    7. Chris Devers 36 months ago | reply

      Yeah, the plan is to do both of them, but the ESCS one won't be finished until the construction on the building is finished, which will take another year or so. I could do a test draft though :-)

    8. Chris Devers 36 months ago | reply

      I'm getting somewhere with this!

      The first few passes I made at it weren't coming out very well at all. Kind of interesting in an abstract way, but with no resemblance to the original scene, and with weird errors & image artifacts — proportion all wrong, too much white space, etc.

      The trick I hit on is to use jhead to dump the dimensions for all the images in the folder. With that info, I can figure out the max feasible height & width, and can then figure out the best column width by dividing the number of images in the folder by the width to be used. And this can all be done programmatically, so the script now looks something like this (before Flickr mangles the formatting):

      curdir=$(pwd | sed 's#^.*/\([^/]*\)#\1#')
      if [ -d "$tmpdir" ]; then
      rm -rf $tmpdir
      mkdir $tmpdir
      img_count="$(ls -1 *jpg| wc -l)"
      echo "`date` processing $img_count images in $curdir ($(pwd))"

      height=$(jhead -c *jpg 2>/dev/null | awk '{print $2}' | sort | sed 's#.*x##' | head -1)
      echo "shortest image is $height, so setting output height to match"

      img_width=$(jhead -c *jpg 2>/dev/null | awk '{print $2}' | sort | sed 's#x.*##' | head -1)
      echo "narrowest image is $img_width"

      width=$(($img_width / $img_count))
      echo "setting column width to $width"

      for f in *.jpg
      c="$(printf "%05d" $n)"
      echo "Creating slice $tmpdir/$c.png: convert -crop ${width}x${height}+${offset}+0 $f $tmpdir/$c.png"
      convert -crop ${width}x${height}+${offset}+0 $f $tmpdir/$c.png

      count="$(ls -1 $tmpdir | wc -l)"
      echo "Joining $count slices into out.png"
      montage $tmpdir/*.png -mode concatenate -tile ${count}x -verbose out_${curdir}_$(date '+%Y%m%d.%H%M%S').png

      Initial results look good. I'll try to upload some & will post the link later — thanks again for the idea :-)

    9. Chris Devers 36 months ago | reply

      Here we go — 42 variations of this theme (so far):

      Thanks for the idea!

    10. hugovk 36 months ago | reply

      Good stuff!

      I think for handheld photos such as ours then it's better with fewer, so there's some continuity amongst the stripes. For glued-to-a-shelf photos such as Eirik's, then pixel-width columns work great. You could try picking a smaller representative number from each month to make year images. After all, Eirik selected 3,888 from a total 16,000.

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