Dodge Aries

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    By Request...K-Car advertisng from the eighties. Many of these brochures were too big for my scanner, so many have the text cut off and the pictures cut. Canada, USA and Mexican K-Cars. See if there are some things you haven't seen before.

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    1. Latvian98 53 months ago | reply

      What a time warp!

    2. The New Taxiguy [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

      I love the early ones. That coupe looks so handsome in that nice sky blue. These original K's were so simple, clean, and humble it's hard not to admire them. For the first few model years the rear windows in the sedan didn't even roll down, lol. (Though the GM A-bodies of the time didn't either, to be fair).

      Wish I could find one, but the pre-1985 models pretty much don't exist anymore, even in rust-free climates. The only really nice one I've ever seen was the coupe they have on display at the Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills.

      Quite funny how they were so dead-set on advertising them as six-passenger cars. They are roomy for their compact dimensions but come on now, that's just silly. If you've ever sat in a Relaries it's quite clear that the only way a middle passenger would comfortable in the front seat would be if he was an amputee.

    3. eyelightfilms 53 months ago | reply

      I drove one once, (can't remember if Plymouth or Dodge), on my first or second night after moving to the US in 1988. I t remains in my memory as probably the worst car I've ever driven. Perhaps this was coloured by it being a stick shift, with a very poor transmission. I couldn't believe that in the late eighties, there'd be a car made with a three speed. Shifting was like stirring a bucket of bolts. Maybe it was a badly maintained example, but it made me think that after years of concentrating on automatics, that perhaps the Americans had forgotten how to make a good manual gearbox.

    4. roger428pi 53 months ago | reply

      No K-car ever had a 3 speed manual

    5. eyelightfilms 53 months ago | reply

      Interesting. Maybe the one I drove was somehow cobbled together. Sure felt like it was.
      Can't think why.
      And where would you find a 3 speed manual for a front drive car?

    6. Dodge Aries 87 53 months ago | reply

      The only 3-speed Chrysler made in the 80's was an automatic, 4-speed manual was the least amount of gear's a K-Car could have in manual.

    7. eyelightfilms 53 months ago | reply

      I'll defer to everyone's K-Car knowledge. Maybe I've been maligning this poor car in my head for years.

    8. classictvman81 44 months ago | reply

      This is from 1983, for I see the front end look was carried over from the 1981-1982 models. The 1984 models had the slatted grille, but with the D-O-D-G-E letters absent and the Pentastar logo moved from being a hood ornament to the middle of the grille.

    9. splattergraphics 35 months ago | reply

      I think this is from '82. The 4-door has pop-out vent windows on the back doors, which only the 1981 and early-build 1982 models had. By mid-year '82 the Aries and Reliant 4-doors and wagons had roll-up rear windows, probably because the LeBaron and 400 had them and it didn't make sense to have two different setups.

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