Suburban Melbourne intersection, 1974

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    Lots of everyday Aussie cars in this picture.

    1. Dr. Keats 66 months ago | reply

      Closest: VE Valiant Safari, Toyota Corona.

      Background (from left): HG Holden, XB Falcon, LJ Torana, HQ Holden, HD Holden, HJ Holden...

    2. Hugo90 66 months ago | reply

      Chris, I count on you for the model letters of Aussie cars, as I have never gotten into this mindset. In America, it is all about the model year. Of course, 2010 models are coming out now, and by the calendar, it is more than a year away.

      One of these Safari wagons would stump visitors to an American car show, but I have not yet seen one here. With all the US car going southwest, you would think more would be going the other way, but not really the case.

    3. Dr. Keats 66 months ago | reply

      Yeah, we've never done the "model year" thing - probably because our models often tend to run for three or so years without change: sounds a bit silly still calling a current car a "2006 model" in 2008...

      Only Aussie cars that are particularly popular in the US are XA to XC coupes, because of the "Mad Max" connection...

    4. Hugo90 66 months ago | reply

      In North America, cars get the new year designation even if they don't change. New advertisng campaign for same old model. British tell age of a car by the number plates, so we all have different ideas.

    5. Mr Pitters 61 months ago | reply

      Looks like Barracuda taillights

    6. K&GM 45 months ago | reply

      Looks like a 1968 Valiant Safari
      (check near the bottom of the page)

    7. nlpnt 2 weeks ago | reply

      Given the way the smaller-wagon market was heating up in the early '70s, I wonder why Chrysler didn't ship the wagon tooling back to Detroit after the VG run was over.

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