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deep watersplash

Descriprion about this pic, the situation and how I did the post processing: (for the anatomy of photo group)


To shoot this pic you only need some time, a glass of water and a fruit.Additionally you need a quick cam. I mean an exposure of min 1/500 sec. My D70 is able to shoot 1/6000 sec - exposures.But the problem is the light. The shorter the exposure is the less light reaches the sensor(film) of the cam. So you need an exposure between 1/500 sec and 1/6000sec to get an really good, sharp "snapshot" of a fruitsplash. Best is you do that shooting outside, on an bright, sunny day because you need the full, direct sunlight. A flashlight is not fast enough and less bright.

After setting up the glass with water or something else on a white towel or in front of a black background you must place your cam on a tripod. Then you adjust the DOF and switch the cam to manual focus. So your settings will be taken and the cam is much more faster when you triger it because the autofocus needs time wich you will not have ;-).

Then you take a fruit or a slice and let it fall into the glass.Wait for the "right" moment and trigger your cam. I know - this sounds easy but after some tries.... it is possible.

Ahh, by the way, prepare a small towel for the lens ;-) have fun!


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Taken on August 29, 2005