Design the Ordinary, like this Fixie
A talk about the simplest of objects, their usefulness, and how they become part of our culture. It relates to web design and our tendency to overcomplicate, to play drum solos when a tight and crisp backbeat will do. Learn how to find inspiration in the ordinary and pause before adding that flair to your next project.

This photoset connects to Cooliris 3-D for a Wall of Slides. The presentation was created with Creative Commons licensed photos.

• Slide 3 -- Girls on Bikes Photo: Oh Snaps Carlos Photography
• Slide 16 -- Copenhagen Wheel Photo: Max Tomasinelli

Byron has been presenting this talk in 2010 to

• Refresh Seattle
• Mix 2010
• NXNEi 2010
• BBC Interactive Lunch Series
• IXDA Berlin
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