Road Find: a bra!

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    Of all the things I've found while riding (a garden gnome, screwdriver, cds) this bra is one of the best and I thought it made a nice adornment to Mark's frame. It was found on Western Ave in downtown Seattle.

    1. -Jarrett- 63 months ago | reply

      In a roundabout way this reminds me of a rule I established once on a bike ride: leave road porn where it lays.

    2. Hugger Industries 63 months ago | reply

      Well, the reaction in the shop wasn't as good as mine . . . I thought, "hahahha, BRA!" and they thought, "gross, why'd you bring that nasty thing in here."

    3. meanie 60 months ago | reply

      I saw this the other day on my way up western, I cant decide if thats funny or scary.

    4. BikeTinker 37 months ago | reply

      I found a giant bra in the parking lot across from my screenprinting job. We printed it with tree frogs, bees, and an Olds 88. We were pretty sure the mean lady who owned the bakery had lost it. We thought about putting it back, covered in graffiti, but that seemed too creepy.

      After that, whenever she was really rude, I'd just think, "Shut up, lady, we got yer BRA."

      Maybe I shouldn't have told that story...

    5. Hugger Industries 37 months ago | reply

      Well when I did this, put the bra on Mark's bike, did not go over as well as I'd like.

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