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    1. JamiJett 80 months ago | reply

      Wow. Amazing!

      how much is it?

    2. hubs 80 months ago | reply

      $22.66 Per week. Cancel any time. This time of year is great because there is so much harvest going on.

    3. JamiJett 79 months ago | reply

      Wow and you get a lot. I used to do the CSA thing but it was too much to do alone and my mom doesn't want to deal with it anymore. It's hard to remember to pick the shit up.

    4. hubs 79 months ago | reply

      Yeah, i thinkn this is better than CSA cause you can actually get a few things that aren't locally grown (fruit) but they try as hard as they can to buy locally (I'd say about 85% is local). You don't have to sign up for a full year. Lastly, they deliver!

      I think they serve N.C. Check out the link in the photo description.

    5. JamiJett 79 months ago | reply

      No NC... S'ok. One day I'll do the CSA thing again...I think it's fun.

    6. goflight001 77 months ago | reply

      Looks good ... I grow my own! :0

    7. hubs 77 months ago | reply

      I know you do Radhole! And it looks delicious. I, however, have 3 large 100 year old trees in my yard that create tons of shade. Grass barely grows back there, let alone lettuce. It makes for great summer cooling though.

    8. goflight001 77 months ago | reply

      love winter but no freshie freshie veggies coming from my radhole this time of year.

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