REFF- Remix the World! Reinvent Reality!
At Furtherfield Gallery 25 February - 26 March 2011

Through March 2011 Furtherfield will host REFF, a Fake Cultural Institution to launch, promote and distribute its Augmented Reality (AR) Drug to reinvent reality. Visit the exhibition to discover the effects of three innovative molecules created by REFF chemical lab: REMIXine, REINVENTum, REALITene.

Also at the exhibition, explore MACME the new open publishing tool, encounter the artworks and performances, enjoy freedom of access and expression. In other words...take the REFF AR Drug.

This exhibition showcases a live, glitch performance, an urban intervention and a virtual entity by artists featured in the new REFF book: Garrett Lynch (Ir), Rebar Group (US) and xname (It) alongside a real-time interactive map that describes the life of REFF all over the world: 60 authors, artists, designers, architects, hackers, journalists, activists; dozens of actions; a live and real-time stream of information collectively produced by a worldwide community of re-inventors.

For more about REFF, Art is Open Source and Fake Press

Photos by Pau Ros
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