TransLocal Cooperation, Furtherfield Gallery, March 2020
Furtherfield Gallery
Finsbury Park, London
12 March – 19 April

As our world has become hyper-connected it has enabled us to simultaneously occupy or travel through numerous physical and virtual locations. A result of this is that we increasingly each identify with more than one place or culture. This social and cultural aspect of globalisation is often described in terms of ‘translocality’, where the events, conditions, and attachments of one location can rapidly influence and connect with another.

This exhibition and the works within it consider how we might organise for care across distances and differences with and for our translocal communities. It features a selection of artworks from those created by Turkish, Greek, Serbian and British artists during art and technology residences at the creative hubs ATÖLYE in Turkey, Bios in Greece, and Nova Iskra in Serbia.

These artworks ask how we might celebrate plural identities and their creative expressions while opening up and sharing these new connections for greater cooperation and empathy.

Selected by our team of translocal Turkish, Greek, Serbian and British curators, the artworks in this exhibition employ a variety of media and technologies, from VR and 3D printing, to probiotic fermentation and ethnographic documentation.

The artists visualise the challenges of peoples, cultures, and ideas, displaced over space and time, and explore how to re-evaluate and reconceive them for translocal solidarity and knowledge exchange in a rapidly changing world.

Crossing between the here and now, the there and then, between the flooding and ongoing displacement of people in Hasankeyf in Turkey to the displacement of citizens through evictions in Belgrade, Serbia, the artists use this occasion to examine the effects of globalisation on specific localities, but most significantly, to highlight how local concerns can inform, respond and interconnect across borders and cultures.

Curated by Ruth Catlow, Lina Džuverović, Diana Georgiou, Huma Kabakcı

Featured artists: Georgios Makkas, Tamara Kametani, Emmy Bacharach, Yağmur Uyanık, Ioana Man, Theo Prodromidis

Photos by Julia Szalewicz
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