one night in venice

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    I stayed one night in Venice a week ago. During daytime it was crowded but in the evening most tourists left for cheaper hotels in Mestre. So during the dark hours Venice is quiet and peaceful - almost abandoned.

    I left my tripod at home so I had to use my creativity to find good angels with the available natural support. This is the view I could get from the steps down to the water. In the back you see the island of San Giorgio Maggiore where the basilica is a famous landmark seen from the Piazza San Marco. The church was finished in 1580. In the front the gondolas move up and down like restless black horses waiting for a ride.

    It has been photographed countless times but I still hope you enjoy this capture as a different take on a classic view.


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    1. [deleted] 79 months ago | reply

      I nominate this image for this week's pool contest.



    2. James Duckworth 79 months ago | reply

      I nominate this image for this week's pool contest.


    3. ssinghi 79 months ago | reply

      Technical: 9
      Very well exposed picture. I liked the sharpness and bold colors here. High exposure time makes to freeze and creates the motion effect of boats due to ripple. The building in the background is very well lit and exposed.
      Composition: 7
      Vertical poles that are very well lit and the lines of boat create good texture and symmtry. Building in the background gives sense of venice and remind the viewer about the beautiful city. I liked the details you have captured about the building. I would love that you had capture more of the building by taking picture from slightly above angle.

      Impact: 8
      Very original image. It works very well with the background and green foreground.

      Commercial Viability: 7
      Maybe by tourism of venice.

      Grade 7.75/10 as seen in

    4. jasontheaker 79 months ago | reply

      Sorry just got back from a long weekend away but would have voted for this in the weekly comp...Sorry just got back from a long weekend away but would have voted for this in the comp...

    5. Emile Bremmer 78 months ago | reply

      supurb; greayly original of a cliche scene (I also have taken this in the same spot :-P)

    6. Vitolino 78 months ago | reply

      You got the right inpression. Bravo

    7. Vitolino 78 months ago | reply

      You got the right impression. Bravo

    8. Pakueye 77 months ago | reply

      Great shot!

    9. Luka Skracic 77 months ago | reply

      Without a tripod!? Well i commend you, this is still fantastic!!

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    10. blakelipthratt 77 months ago | reply

      I like never see these boats from this angle

    11. Steven Ford / snowbasinbumps 77 months ago | reply

      fine shot. I LOVE the introductory note, that nakes it so much more fun, and interesting to photographers who have the same "problems/opportunities. WELL DONE. love the color. Your colors are always wonderful, that is why I was surprised at your latest post of the winter trees, it is close to greatness, love the composition, and subject matter, I find it missing "snap" I think you could try HDR or some saturation to good effect on this shot.
      I even wondered if this shot should be a duotone, it is so close to being really great, .. something??

    12. artundform 75 months ago | reply

      Yes, often photographed, but THIS shot is amazing, it's the perspective and the light - congratulations!

    13. Alvaro Espinoza Fotografía 65 months ago | reply

      bravo!!! like this image ´cause is a original one, adds movement to typical Venice images...

      Thanks for sharing


    14. rab mcbride 59 months ago | reply

      The blur works well here, as does the texture in the green.

      very artistic!

      well done

    15. rab mcbride 44 months ago | reply

      CONGRATULATIONS!! You are the Winner of a Theme/Technique contest.

      Your win, will advance this image to the Monthly competition where it will compete for a place in the Image of the Year contest!

      Once again: congratulations!


    16. gregor H 44 months ago | reply

      It's kind of amazing when you see a unique picture of a seemingly dead photographed location. The coloring is awesome even though they really unnatural. The rickety boats to bring the right dynamic to the picture and I am trying to find different looks through the tangle of the posts into direction of the tower.

      Hogne, this link might interest you, perhaps, as inspiration for your next trip to Venice.

    17. artland 42 months ago | reply

      This is a wonderful shot!
      You are invited to post it to:


    18. lsalcedo 23 months ago | reply

      Love the long exposure and the effects it creates! Thanks for sharing and for the idea! Here's my immersive 360° version of piazza for those who might be interested!

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