What the hell is this?

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    The internet does not seem certain on the matter

    1. Team_Treb 44 months ago | reply

      My first guess would be Kohlrabi. But there's not the overlapping "scales" on the outside.

      Do you own this thing? How does it smell/taste? Turnip-ey? (I believe those are called "Swedes" across the pond)

    2. h squared 44 months ago | reply

      As discussed in the related post, the Scots seem to differ to the English on the turnip/swede debate. So I would say this is definitely not a turnip, ergo it must be a swede. One English reader has thus far said it is definitely not a swede, ergo it must be a turnip. Discuss. I shall be genotyping it within the week!

      We own it although we did not grow it, it came to us via neighbours of friends. It didn't taste great when we tried roasting it so now we're at a bit of a loss.

    3. Team_Treb 44 months ago | reply

      Turnips taste great when roasted. Rutabaga? Did it have that cruciform tang to it?

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