The Piano's Been Drinking

So, if you know me, you know that I'm a pretty big Tom Waits fan. I've always admired that he seems to have written songs for every conceivable situation. Saturday night and you have no plans beyond spending it with a six pack and looking down on the traffic from your apartment? Anything off "The Heart of Saturday Night" will do. Going over seas and you're not quite sure if you're ever coming back? "Foreign Affairs" off of the album with the same name fits the bill nicely, but then again, so would "Lost at the Bottom of the World" and about three other songs I can think of that he's written.


So for this Monday, I had a hard time picking out which one I'd set up for you. It was going to be him doing "The Piano's Been Drinking" off of an old talk show that Martin Mull did in the 70's, but I like this one right now. If you grew up in the 80's, you might remember Rod Stewart singing a gruff little ballad that was a better song than he had the right to sing. Tom Waits wrote that one, and here it is.

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Taken on April 2, 2008