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Happy Darwin Day, OctoMom!

For years - probably since around when Rowan was born - I've been saying if evolution progressed properly, by now women would grow a third arm during pregnancy. Now *that* would be an intelligent design. ;-)


So, that got me thinking about "OctoMom" - the horribly snarky, yet delightfully funny, nickname given to the recent single mom of octuplets. How many arms would be popping out of her (well, besides the 16 from the babies, of course).


And, yes, I know that if I were giving each mom one arm per baby, there should be another two here, but I wouldn't want evolution to go overboard, you know! ;-)


Yes, this is all tongue in cheek; even without my third arm, I'm pretty sure evolution is alive and well (rather unlike the U.S. economy, but that's another satire for another day).

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Taken on February 12, 2009