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Notes From a Hollywood Intern

My LEGO output has taken a nosedive, but I can tell you why.


I've been interning at Scott Free Productions (the company run by this guy and this guy; lovely chaps, both of them), which means my days have been equal parts fascinating and frantic. An intern is at the bottom of the pyramid, so we make the lunch runs, the deliveries, the errands; all the scurrying to and fro that keeps the gears turning. But even that's glamorizing things. We are the lowest of the low. But the scenery's nice.


And boy do I see a lot of it. These are the Post-Its of a few months' worth of errands, excluding some of the more sensitive locations. I'm getting to know West Hollywood very well. It's a nice town.


Except for Beverly Hills; Beverly Hills is a terrible place, never go there.


I do have GPS in my car, but there's something weirdly enjoyable about writing the job on a Post-It. Maybe it's because I've watched too much Dead Like Me.


There is one thing I've noticed, in my time doing this. If I walk into WME or CAA, the big talent agencies, with a delivery to make, I tend to get an icy reception from the folks behind the front desk; a sense of hierarchy that I'm disrupting with my presence behind the frosted glass doors. But the parking attendants, the security guards, the gate keepers? Those are my guys. "Hey, you're on the bottom rung too? Awesome, let's be pals."

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Taken on November 24, 2011