• lighting seems like an issue too since these platforms are darker than the ones in front. If you move these platforms away from the wall, then they should look brighter. - Nannan Z.
  • The scale from this guy to the one on the left throws me off as well - [Carter]
  • Also, if your camera and set up will allow it, try shooting from further back and zooming in. Should help get rid of the depth of field problem here (aka - the blurriness). Of course, this will probably change the size needed for the last step to match the first. :/ - Pepa Quin
  • ? longer focal length equals shallower depth of field - Memory ☓

Penrose Steps

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This is the second time I've tried these never-ending stairs, and it just never looks quite right. Focusing is one issue, but the main problem is the set. I just don't know where to put the thing.

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  1. Memory ☓ 50 months ago | reply

    you can max out your depth of field by using a narrower aperture, but, at base ISO, this will require a tripod and shutter delay, to be sure

  2. Profound Whatever 50 months ago | reply

    All things I probably can't do with my camera. I really am quite lucky to even get a picture at all; it's very old.

  3. FateHeart 50 months ago | reply

    Just at a glance, this actually made me think "Waow! The never-ending steps!"... You had me for a minute. ^-^
    With a bit of tinkering this could reach it's full potential!

  4. Memory ☓ 50 months ago | reply

    woah, I just looked it up, and it won't even do aperture-priority!

    may I suggest you get a new camera?

    also, I think that you could achieve a more convincing seam by adjusting the lighting so that the rear panel is lighter, like the near one

  5. NIRDIAN 50 months ago | reply

    Maybe take two (identical) photos, one with the focus on the front and one focused on the back and then overlap them?

    Also, if it wasn't for that blur, this would've been perfect and awesome (especially the 'different-sized minifigs' would've looked very nice).

  6. regolare 50 months ago | reply

    nice escheresque work! well done!

  7. 2 Much Caffeine 50 months ago | reply

    Just wondering if you couldn't use one of those big-ass minifigs (the alarm clock ones) to reduce the impression of depth created by the minifig at the rear. The small size of that fig makes the brain realise the platform beneath it is further away than it looks - spoiling the illusion.

    Not explaining that very well, but I'm sure you know what I mean...

  8. The Brick Guy 50 months ago | reply

    I thought this was one of your Inception MOCs by the thumbnail. Awesome job!

    The Brick Guy

  9. Cifo aka Big Cif 50 months ago | reply

    i think you have to work mainlt with the figures, the one in the right is too big compares with the one in the middle. try to put the one in the middle in front or try to find different sizes figures. A longer lens coud be the solution but needs space

  10. Wafflebottom 50 months ago | reply

    another beautiful build. :D

  11. minifig051 50 months ago | reply

    I know what's wrong here. The sets of stairs on the right of the picture have 4 steps between the corners. On the left side, there is only 1 step between the corners.
    Wait, that's not it. What you need to do is make the steps closer to the camera smaller (and add more of those steps).

  12. il_Madmax 50 months ago | reply

    Great LegoEscher work!

  13. ptroll 50 months ago | reply

    The main thing that kind of takes me out of it is that the size of the steps shrinks fairly noticeably once you reach the hidden gap... plus, having one side butt up against the wall provides a reference point to anchor the steps to, so the opposite side is more obviously detached from it.

    It's close, though, and definitely a hell of a lot better than I could do!

  14. tadashistate 50 months ago | reply

    A different spacing of the figs would probably help draw focus away from the distance between the corners. The fig closest to the seam could be walking one way or another to draw the eye away from the seam.

  15. LegoBlake 50 months ago | reply

    It seems it also shrinks or grows you. Don't go to far, you won't be able to make it back up!

  16. andorand 6 months ago | reply

    Hi. I used your picture to illustrate a blog post nrkbeta.no/2014/10/10/personaliseringens-pris-the-cost-of... (english version further down on page) - thanks for making it available with a CC license!

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