Raiders of the Lost Ark

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  1. eclipseGrafx 42 months ago | reply

    HAHAHA NICE! Y not use the real idol? Was it too big?

  2. Profound Whatever 42 months ago | reply

    No, I just never bought that set.

  3. [Atlas] 42 months ago | reply

    YES! I've been waiting for this!

  4. Lumbrax Studios© 42 months ago | reply

    That is exactly what I said...

  5. I Scream Clone 42 months ago | reply

    Great build though the lighting just makes it so much better. Well done.

  6. eclipseGrafx 42 months ago | reply

    I think these studs go better anyway. As Repoort stated on the notes, it really isn't to scale.

  7. Shobrick 42 months ago | reply

    Awesome ! Some blur and rear zoom on the sides (speed effect as you done previously) would be nice. I'd love you combine several of you technics, here some smoke for humidity would have been nice too, with some ray of light. I know I'm a pain ^ ^

  8. _.Astro._ 42 months ago | reply

    Awesome! The lighting is great!
    Oooh, I agree!

  9. minifig051 42 months ago | reply

    Lego makes most of the minifig accesories to more of a Technic large figure scale (except for brooms and shovels, where it needs to be shortened). They do this for a good reason. If Lego cups were of a more "correct" scale, then we'd have cup that's only 1 and a 1/2 stud tall. Now that's way too small. Minifigs have mixed scales anyway. Hats and heads are to scale of 4+ figures, legs and arms are 1 stud shorter than they would be at a 4+ scale. This mix of scales comes to what we know as "minifig scale". Technically its 1:50 scale, but a stud has to be knocked off because of the shortness of the minifigs. Like I said before, accesories are mostly a Technic large figure scale. So even the Indy idol is in minifig scale.

  10. eclipseGrafx 42 months ago | reply

    OOoook.... Thank you for the brief lesson. But I meant for movie looking accuracy the studs look a lot better then him carrying a head that is almost half his size. ;) And trying to run with it.

  11. billbobful 42 months ago | reply

    That boulder looks awesome. i always wanted to do this, but never found the time to.

  12. minifig051 42 months ago | reply

    Actually, the idol piece is more movie accurate in terms of detail. The 2 dot pieces are accurate in terms of size (can't have both). But in Legoizing (doing things in Lego) the idol piece is more accurate. Big and clunky as it may look, its still okay with minifigs. There are alot of elements almost half the size of a minifig. They have no problem holding up those.

  13. Ben Unleashed! 41 months ago | reply

    Epic, nice boulder.

  14. [Frost] 41 months ago | reply

    I can tell that you're using the Pacman as the boulder :D

  15. 41 months ago | reply

    This was added to's queue. Check back soon for the post!

  16. cmunozh 6 months ago | reply

    We have some kind of the same idea :-)

    Day III - You fell into the wrong Spielberg film, baby.

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