Star Wars

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"I find your lack of faith disturbing."

As usual, built for a thing; more on that thing as it develops.

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  1. leg0fenris 42 months ago | reply

    one has to love vaders choke-hold!

  2. Louis K. 42 months ago | reply

    Besides that torso, great shot!

  3. Profound Whatever 42 months ago | reply

    What's wrong with the torso?

  4. leg0fenris 42 months ago | reply

    not a 100% star wars torso...

  5. Profound Whatever 42 months ago | reply

    Well, I don't have any Star Wars torsos other than Vader himself, so I had to improvise.

  6. leg0fenris 42 months ago | reply

    i wouldn't bother... looks pretty close to the original

  7. mike 3579 42 months ago | reply

    What's up with that guys hair? It looks deformed somehow...

  8. mac_knight_wotl 42 months ago | reply

    @Mike 3579 - Just the way the light is hitting the plastic, looks like.

  9. Tim Ltd 42 months ago | reply

    "he doesn't really have the power to choke us, but if he found that out, he'd simply kill us with his lightsaber!"

    Nicely done.

  10. Tangible Fish 42 months ago | reply

    Better than finding his lack of faith reassuring. I'm just sayin.

  11. Heather LEGOgirl [deleted] 42 months ago | reply

    Love the tags. "Don't make Darth Vader choke a bitch!"

  12. hapey 42 months ago | reply

    oh yeah and I find YOUR lack of deodorant disturbing.

  13. minifig051 42 months ago | reply

    Love those reversible faces. Very useful to change expressions in animation. I was thinking about doing this scene in a Lego animation. Now I know just what face to use for this guy, thanks to you.

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