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Totally not my idea and I deserve credit for nothing other than building it; this is a Threadless design by Eduardo San Gil that I love.

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  1. Profound Whatever 58 months ago | reply

    ^ Footlong? These ominous 5$ comments have me worried.

  2. eilonwy77 58 months ago | reply

    Those threadless designs sure can be fun. I've seen them designed in cake form before; now it's good to see a LEGO version. :-)

  3. Lord-Sterling 58 months ago | reply

    Bang on Eylar! Nice work.

  4. LegoBlake 58 months ago | reply

    I was thinking abou buying that one! Do you have the app?

  5. LegoBlake 58 months ago | reply

    ^The Threadless app. It shows a lot of their latest shirts and updates often. You can save the images and there's a link to the T-shirt online.

  6. Profound Whatever 58 months ago | reply

    Nope, don't have that. I check the site every now and then, but the shirts are a little too expensive: I haven't bought anything in a while.

  7. LegoBlake 58 months ago | reply

    Really? Last one I saw was $20, is that a lot?

  8. davekaleta 58 months ago | reply

    Sorry, I figured since you knew Threadless, you knew what that meant. The community rates the designs on a 0-5 scale. There's also a '$' to click if you'd buy the design on a shirt, hence, '5$' is the highest praise you can receive.

  9. Profound Whatever 58 months ago | reply

    Ahh, that's right. Forgot about their rating scale. Well, in that case: thanks!

  10. Profound Whatever 58 months ago | reply

    Blake - For a shirt, for a college student, $20 is steep. That's a week's food right there.

  11. Shannon Ocean 58 months ago | reply

    So in love with this.

  12. MarcoCheck 58 months ago | reply

    Ahahahahaha, so amazing!

  13. LegoBlake 58 months ago | reply

    Alex - Right, my sister says you all live off ramen and microwave pizza, haha. How often do you spend money on Lego?

  14. Profound Whatever 58 months ago | reply

    ^ Less ramen and microwave pizza, more Bagel Bites and chicken nuggets. The last time I spent money on LEGO was at Brickworld in mid-June, and the last time before that might've been as far back as January. I'm not a big buyer, so I tend to get by with what I have. My bins are already overflowing anyway, so there's little incentive to buy any more. Totally against the AFOL code, I know.

  15. talkie_tim 58 months ago | reply

    Outstanding. Perfect imagination and excellent execution.

  16. That Guy From That Place From Before 58 months ago | reply

    I like the tetris idea. I might use that.

  17. Aaron (-_-) 58 months ago | reply

    Hey Alex I can't believe I didn't comment on this the first time I saw it. Not sure if you were aware but this got blogged on Obvious Winner and Geekologie. Very high praise for a deserving MOC.



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