General store

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Bygone relic of a past age, in the Bay Area, at least. Target just doesn't have the same character.

But then again, general stores don't have LEGO. Jury's out.

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  1. nolnet 48 months ago | reply

    I'm gonna go ahead and help myself to a fresh, tasty fave than.

  2. Ochre Jelly 48 months ago | reply

    Beyond the wealth of details, the composition is wonderful, with the shopkeep at the center of it all. He's been setting up since the crack of dawn, clean tie, ready for business, waiting expectantly to greet that first customer...

  3. Truman Nihilist 48 months ago | reply

    This is awesome. Found it on the Brothers Brick.

  4. Doctor Mobius 48 months ago | reply

    Wow. Just Wow. Every single detail is amazing. Two weeks from now I'll still be noticing new things.

  5. Asbestos Bill 48 months ago | reply

    Great lighting, as always...

    "Frank Moody's General Store went down in history as the most dramatic sundry in America...."

  6. Heather LEGOgirl [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

    I have added to the faves and boy do you deserve all of them. This is so full of details I don't know where to begin to look. You shame me with your brilliance young man.

  7. Profound Whatever 48 months ago | reply

    There you have it: General Store (80) inches ahead of the Holy Hand Grenade (79) with the most favorites. Good job, everybody. Let the abuse of the favorites system continue!

  8. marioman3138 48 months ago | reply

    The Look Alikes book-Loved that as a child! mine was published in '99. But Alex, this looks awsome. love the little price signs!

  9. BHHfilms 48 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Lego Role Models, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  10. _lichtblau_ 48 months ago | reply

    Really, really awesome!
    You captured the spirit pretty excellent...I tend to say I can literally smell the certain aroma of those stores...uhm wait...nope...I just have to clean up the kitchen more often...

  11. kisPocok 48 months ago | reply

    Awesome. Great Job!

  12. Legofesto 47 months ago | reply

    Really wonderful, detailing is beautiful, and so well lit. Impressive!

  13. Meylah 42 months ago | reply

    We wanted to thank you for sharing your image via creative commons. We used on our blog at Meylah!

    Thanks again!

  14. Profound Whatever 42 months ago | reply

    You're quite welcome; glad you liked it.

  15. Eturior 39 months ago | reply


    Check this out..

  16. Profound Whatever 39 months ago | reply

    Eh, as long as my picture is there in the comments, I can live with it.

  17. [Shunazaver] 38 months ago | reply

    Fantastic job!
    (BTW, do you live in the bay area?)

  18. Profound Whatever 38 months ago | reply

    I used to; I just moved down to southern CA for grad school.

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