A man in a suit riding the headless body of a mechanized leprechaun.

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    Somewhat self-explanatory.

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    1. Profound Whatever 62 months ago | reply

      I... don't really know.

    2. Karf Oohlu 62 months ago | reply

      Was going to say " you need to change your brand of drugs", but this thing is damn cool, and I have no idea what you'd be taking to come up with this in the first place : ))

      Damn it, I think I'll need to change my brand ....I'm seeing Spongebob now...

    3. Dave Shaddix 62 months ago | reply

      is this a new trend you are trying to start? 'LeprePunk'? 'ShillelaghPunk'?

    4. Dave Shaddix 62 months ago | reply

      Lead me to your gold bitch!

    5. Sketchy Business 62 months ago | reply

      hell if I know what it is, aside from something I like very much.

    6. SavaTheAggie 62 months ago | reply

      With only a small amount of tweaking this would make an excellent "Pinky and the Brain" MOC.

    7. Shadow Viking 62 months ago | reply

      what is this, I don't even
      owait, it's awesome :D

    8. peterlmorris 62 months ago | reply

      ^^I was thinking the exact same thing, Anthony!

      It would look great in a Jeopardy dio.

    9. V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber 62 months ago | reply

      I have been waiting for someone to build one of these!

    10. Amhakia 62 months ago | reply

      I'm so asking for one of these next Christmas. Very cool, Alex!

    11. billbobful 62 months ago | reply

      reminds me of the batman character scarface

    12. Connor_Brown 62 months ago | reply

      A Mechrapaun?

    13. teikjoon 62 months ago | reply

      I looked at the thumbnail and thought..."A man in a suit riding the headless body of a mechanized leprechaun?" hehe...

    14. ɑvɑr [deleted] 62 months ago | reply

      How unoriginal.

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