Slightly off the beaten track and therefore not many people visit this important and interesting site
Approximately 10 km south of Giza and north of Saqqara. and 35 km south of Cairo
Abu Sir has is known as the site of the forgotten kings of the 5th Dynasty.
Despite the size of their monuments, these 5th Dynasty kings are not as well known as their predecessors from the 4th Dynasty.
The site was closed for many years to visitors, but now open.. The Pyramids of Abu Sir originally consisted of fourteen pyramids from the 5th Dynasty. Only four are still standing. Of the four, the first you observe coming from the main Saqqara complex, is the Pyramid of Neferefre. This pyramid was never finished and is in very poor condition. However, there have been some remarkable finds, including a royal group of statues of the Old Kingdom, and several portraits of another king, pobably Neferefre himself, Raneferef, including one of him sitting on his throne holding a mace.
Its original name was "Divine are the Ba-souls of Neferefre.

This site unfortunately was heavily damaged by looting during the post revolution periods in 2011.
The photographs in this set were taken in 2005 and represent the site as it looked at the time.
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