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Centrosaurus | by Fountain_Head
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It was one of those gloomy days and the rain was pretty much splattering and creating a dense smog around the forest. The forest was silent except for those pitter patter of the rain drops falling on the soil. I was going through my regular schedule of walking through the forest near our home and at this time of the day, there is usually no one in the forest. Then I started realizing that there was something that was following me. Not the 'Faithfully' & 'Friendly' following of the dog but the following of a dreadful animal that would not hesitate to kill. I knew the animal was there, waiting for me to take the next step, calculating the time for its hunt and the possible angle from which to mount its attack.


Dreadfully, I also realized that it was not just one animal that was lurking but numerous ones waiting to pounce on me. I knew that there is a legend regarding this forest that it is inhabited by some of the 'Lost World' animals but I am way too 'Educated' too believe all that. I increased my walking pace and soon I was sprinting through the forest. The rustling sound that emanated from the bushes was increasing steadily and whatsoever doubts that I had about being trailed were put beyond doubt when the first sighting of the dreaded Centrosaurus was made. With its chameleon like features and elephant like size, it is hard to believe that these animals still exist in the world. I started running even more faster and then out of nowhere, I tripped on a dead log and fell to the floor with a loud bang. The Centrosaurus group started converging towards me and the hunger in their faces was palpable. I was sweating profusely and started shouting at the top of my voice when I felt a sudden knock in my head.


My wife was looking at me lying down on the floor (After having rolled over from the cot) and said in a stern voice, "How many times should I tell you to not read the Crichton book 'Jurassic Park' and 'Lost World' over and over again? All these bad dreams are because of that only....."

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Taken on July 31, 2011