In 100 years seminar 4 - It’s our future, love!
18-19 january 2012
On people and mindsets

Key words: Consumption, world values, human nature and consciousness, public awareness, social media, deep listening and framing

DAY 1:
Intro by Steen Svendsen and Gitte Larsen, House of Futures.
William S. Becker (us): the future we want.
Karen Blincoe (dk): sustainability utopias.
Inga Gerner Nielsen (DK): root-metaphors and rituals in a mind shift.
Future Mind Tours: Headquarters Copenhagen.
Hans Fink (DK): conceptions of nature.
Hardin Tibbs (uK): human values at a tipping point.
Dominic Balmforth (DK/UK): from consumption to ‘next-use’.
Ole Fogh Kirkeby (dk): mindshifting.

DAY 2:
Optional guided meditation by Martin Fluri and Jon Bertelsen.
Introduction to the day by House of Futures (HOF)
Delphi Round Two! We go back into The Delivery room and discuss the debates and results from the day before.
Visions for preferred futures towards 2112.
Politics, Business, Living, Mindsets: Perceptions of Nature, Mindshifts: Transformations.
Wisdom Council.
Closing ritual by Future Mind Tours.
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