"Eyes too expressive to be blue, too lovely to be grey." ~ Matthew Arnold

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    Carly's got a new wig! ^__^ What do you think? Since the quality of the blue Leeke wig she had before wasn't that good and it was, sadly, difficult to style and manage the whole thing, it was best to get a new one.

    It's by the Korean company ForMyDoll. The shade of blue is different but it suits her great because of her candy-colored make-up. She still has her sweetness and spunk and once she's dressed in colorful clothing I'm planning for her, she's also going to be more stylish, with a tomboyish side. I've got almost all the fabrics I need now for her outfit. ^^

    The wig, unlike Leeke's, is very soft and full, with plenty of hair to move around and style as you like, and I also got it in a slightly larger size than normal because I'm tired of pulling tight 6-6.5 inch wigs over Unoa's head. ^^; Hence me putting a protective cap underneath that fills up the wig a bit and makes it a good fit.

    I also like how I can style her bangs, so that at least one eyebrow's still visible and shows off her expression more. The hairstyle's a nice full bob with pigtails attached in the back. She's also wearing a lovely headband by Atelier Momoni.

    Happy Easter!

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    1. ʟavender* 25 months ago | reply

      I like this wig on her! The blue really suits the colors of her face-up and the style is also very lovely. c:

    2. Amy Lilley 25 months ago | reply

      She looks lovely! So you recommend this company? I've been looking at their wigs! I really like the quote you've chosen too! It is perfect for the pic :)

    3. piccadilly_here 25 months ago | reply

      I love the color on her! This face up is so adorable.
      I've wanted a ForMyDoll wig for so long but haven't gotten one yet.

    4. L i n α C o s t α 25 months ago | reply

      She's adorable! I love the color of wig, and her skintone!
      Beautiful shoot! :)

    5. houseofduke 25 months ago | reply

      Thank you! :) I think the new style is cuter than the previous one and I'm glad there are no hairs sticking out at odd angles. They fall very nicely because there's some "weight" to them (since the wig is full).

      Thanks so much, I'm glad you like the wig and the quote! Yes, judging by this wig, I would recommend FMD. ^o^ I got it from a large group order on DOA (we ordered almost $1000 worth of items, it was awesome) and despite the big order, the wigs arrived very fast! I got the silicone cap from them, too. FMD's haircolors look beautiful and there's more than one blue color, so yay for a nice color selection! :D This wig's also heat-resistant.

      Thank you, piccadilly! Hope you can get your FMD wig soon! I'll be getting more of them now that I know how nice they are. In terms of softness, they're closer to Crobidoll than Leeke, since Leeke's wigs (at least the last ones I got) tend to be on the "dry" side.

      Hopefully the two wigs I've pre-ordered from Leeke will be of better quality. This time I made sure they were simpler hairstyles because so many Leeke wigs look completely different once sized down to 6-6.5 inches and if the hairstyle is complex, there's flyabout hair/hair sticking out strangely/etc because it doesn't have that softness and heavy feeling. I pretty much stay away from big curls because I know they look giant in this size, and that sucks because I love rich curls. ;__; I also think 6-6.8 inch would fit Unoa better because it wouldn't be sooo tight. ^^;

      Thank youuu! I'm very happy with the shade of blue! She reminds me of a teenage heroine on a manga cover done with markers, hehe. She has lots of pink blushing to give the skintone that rosy glow. :) It makes her look healthy and more realistic, I think.

    6. Painted it red 25 months ago | reply

      I totally Love her :D

    7. Zenna1 25 months ago | reply

      What a great photo and girl! LOVE the colors..I also love ForMyDoll wigs and this one suites her perfectly!

    8. houseofduke 25 months ago | reply

      Thankies! She is one of my most expressive dolls! Even though her personality is still developing, I think she's already showing plenty of it through her face. :)

      Thanks so much! I was hoping the wig color would look the same in real-life as it does on the official pics, and it does. If anything, it's even prettier. I'm so glad I've discovered FMD wigs!

    9. Orangey34 25 months ago | reply

      Oh, her bangs look so SOFT, and in that color, she's a perfect fantasy girl! =D The wig seems like the perfect thing for her, her expression is already vibrant and playful, adding the lavender pigtails did it! It sent her off the cuteness scale XD. I love her hairband, very sweet shot!

    10. houseofduke 25 months ago | reply

      Thank you! I'm very peculiar about bangs on wigs and I always find something that I don't like about them, usually after noticing they don't really look like on official pics. But here the bangs are perfect and just the way I've wanted them! I like it when I can move them around and they stay that way, instead of being thin and dry and impossible to manage. Some other wigs I've bought (by Leeke again) had shaggy and thinned out bangs while they looked different on official shots on bigger dolls. Like this pink wig here that's actually very pretty and I've grown to like it but it still doesn't look like on the pictures where the bangs and hair in general are fuller and not as shaggy. Still a lovely wig, it's just a different look. I thought it would look more like the blue wig above, just not as full (it's a boys wig). Quite a difference LOL!

    11. Ashbet 25 months ago | reply

      This periwinkle color looks wonderful with her candy-colored face-up -- she is a delight, as always! <3

    12. Chu-Boo 24 months ago | reply

      this is soooo cute :D

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