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The winking girl (+ rant on some Leeke wigs)

I must sew more clothes for my Unoas so they can get new pictures taken, too, but exams are upon me again and I need to study. >.< I'd take Unoa pics on a far more frequent basis if the girls didn't have only a few pieces of clothing. One day I'll sit down and make different sets, so each of them will have her own distinct style (by each of them I mean the faceplates, I only have one Unoa body).


Carly's the one who loves bold and vivid colors, if that isn't obvious already by the color of her hair, hehe. :) Still, as much as I love the haircolor, this is a rather terrible Leeke wig (heat-resisting type). It doesn't really show on the pic but there are irritating flyabout hairs and the locks are unmanagable and stick out weirdly when the hair is loose like this.


Originally I had Carly wear ponytails because it made the wig slightly easier to handle but the flyabout hair, especially across her forehead, was still there. It's one of those wigs with super long bangs that look best on "bishounen" type of guys. Only one eye is visible while the other is hidden behind the bangs LOLZ. Hence the clip I used or else you couldn't see Carly's face at all! It took me several minutes of fiddling to get the hairstyle right and that just won't do.


I've heard the quality of some Leeke wigs is subpar and while most of my other Leeke wigs are lovely, this one is of poorest quality of them all. It's not that soft either. You can see a portion of the wig cap, too (aka those "bald spots", see top of her head) without moving the hair in any particular way. It's just there. Leeke being stingy on the hair? Don't know.


Perhaps this wig works better in larger sizes? It's happened before wigs look fine on SD and SD13 sized bjd, but lose all the detail when sized down for smaller heads. They can look completely different than on the official pics, that's why I feel buying wigs in smaller sizes can be a bit of a lottery. Next time I'll get a wig in a much simpler hairstyle that's easy to style but has the same haircolor (too bad it's a limited haircolor ;__;).


Sorry, the pic is not the best quality because I took it indoors.

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Uploaded on January 11, 2012