Licca for 'Tiny Feet' magazine: The Rose Princess (1)

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    To continue the 'Dreamy Fairytales' theme of the second issue of Tiny Feet, I decided to turn my Liccas into princesses, princes or known fairytale characters. Here is the Rose Princess, a charming and romantic-looking Licca wearing another dress I've made just for her Tiny Feet presentation. Her surroundings are a bit "shabby chic"/country style and there are little roses on the skirt part of her dress, hence the "Rose" in her name. She is the most lady-like of princesses.

    I'm still a total noob at sewing doll clothes in general because the last time I've made them was back in 2004 or so for ball-joint dolls and it's been several years since my beginner's sewing class, too. Hence the many mistakes on the dress. ^^;; Fortunately, I've learnt much by working on the clothes, so if all goes well I can avoid doing the same errors in the future. Practice, practice! I already know how to improve the bodice and which fabrics don't work that well for sleeves! ^^;

    The sleeves were actually from a different piece I was working on before but discarded because I mucked up the dress 75% in. But the sleeves were fine (based on Leo's pattern from Doll Coordinate Recipe #9) and I didn't want to just throw them away with the dress, so I did a little Frankensteining and put them on this dress instead. Saved me quite a bit of time (everything takes ages when you're a begnner LOLZ). They're only a little gathered in the shoulder area and the fabric's got some stiffness to it, so they don't drape gracefully or anything. >.< But I enjoyed doing the details on them which was the main reason for saving them for the Rose Princess dress.

    I played around with different doll clothing patterns till I got a combination of pieces I wanted. I love wide collars and pintucks on bodices and pretty much anywhere on a piece, so there's 11 pintucks here overall. Yay, pintucks!

    The tiny blue and pink beads are part of the necklace I've made and I thought they'd look cute with the dress because they kind of looks like buttons.

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    1. kiomeru 90 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot!!!!! Lovely :3

    2. houseofduke 90 months ago | reply

      kiomeru Thank you very much, I'm happy you like it! It's one of my fave shots I did out of the 15 pics submitted. ^o^

    3. cheredoll 90 months ago | reply

      the furniture is perfect. did you also make the umbrella?

    4. houseofduke 90 months ago | reply

      cheredoll Thank you, my dad got the furniture for me at a fleamarket years ago. :) It's really old but the paint chipping off gives it a charming shabby look. :)

      The umbrella is from the Blythe doll 'Cute & Curious'. It's part of her stock outfit. I only made the dress, the hairbow and the necklace and bracelet. :)

    5. cheredoll 90 months ago | reply

      Locksley the umbrella works well with the dress. i love finding furniture at flea markets.

    6. houseofduke 90 months ago | reply

      cheredoll Thank you, I got the umbrella just to complete this outfit! And our fleamarket rarely has dollhouse stuff (or dolls in general), so I was very surprised when dad brought a big lot home. I didn't know what to do with it first but it's perfect for a country style dollroom or display and I've used quite a few pieces on different pics for Tiny Feet. :)

      If there was a doll market, I'd totally visit it! The closest ones are in Italy, I think. ;__;

    7. cheredoll 90 months ago | reply

      Locksley that'd be cool, a doll market! i buy a lot of pieces at doll shows and sometimes yard sales too.

    8. CSaw★ 90 months ago | reply

      You make such a wonderful dress really.
      I love how your choose and combine the fabrics together. They have sweetest colors. XD
      She even has a matching handbag and head bow, a super lovely touch. ^__<

    9. aki ♫ 90 months ago | reply

      The outfit looks great even if you're out of practice. :D
      I love this photoshoot of yours, all the well-matched pastel colours. I always find it hard to coordinate all the props and clothing colours for shoots. You're super awesome in this! <3
      Yay to being published! :DD

    10. bumblesweet 90 months ago | reply

      So pretty! Such delicate colours that really enhance her sweetness.

    11. tinycutethings 90 months ago | reply

      I love your attention to detail! Everything is so beautifully composed

    12. houseofduke 90 months ago | reply

      CSaw Thank you, CSaw! I loved picking the colors to go together and then fabrics that had roses on them (skirt part and hairbow, the hairbow is handsewn with golden thread) so they'd fit Licca's theme, and it was great I could salvage the sleeves from another dress because they look much better on this piece! I'm currently planning new dresses with different pastel and sweet color combos (though there's an exam I need to take first on Friday)! ^^ I can't wait to start, I've been thinking about it all week!

      Aki Thanks so much, Aki! The pastel colors made sewing this dress even more enjoyable. I've always seen them as very "calming" colors. And I know what you mean about props! I have little bits and pieces for dollhouses and dolly displays but a lot of them are different from one another and don't necessarily match, so it's a challenge to group them together sometimes. Like with the food on the table shown here. Since Licca is a princess living in a fairytale kingdom, would she really have an ELECTRIC and thus modern mixer? LOLOL. ;) Doesn't really fit but I used it anyway because it matched the other pink colors in the photo and it helped show the readers she's making a cake/pie for her friend, the Sweets Princess. ^^

      bumblesweet Thank you! These colors do make her look sweeter because to me she mostly gives off a more queen-ly vibe, like she's a "high maintenance" girl, you know? Someone from a rich family who dresses maturely and has her own personal butler and lady's maid. But these gentle colors bring some sweetness into her and that's great! They helped me see her in a new light and I realized she looks very pretty in pastels! I think they're her colors from now on.

      tinycutethings Thank youuu, I've enjoyed this display and hope to use it more in my dolly pictures. The colors in the background are just right for combining with dresses in gentler and sweeter colors and help set the tone of the pictures, I think. I'll be making more dresses with similar palettes because I love pastels and pale colors but there are also darker fabrics I have that need to be used, too! Whenever I get an idea for a dress/color combo, I quickly draw it down and color it and write "use this fabric here for this part, this fabric there for the collar" and so on, so I don't forget! The sketch has lots of arrows and notes all over the place.

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