Northern Spark Empty Words Installation
From website:

"Empty Words is a nine-hour, participatory, multimedia event—part poetry reading, part dance, parade, and concert—constructed around the collective reading of “Empty Words” by John Cage. This elegant and powerful, yet poetic and playful text attempts to “demilitarize language,” carrying an important message: awakening poetry while making it impossible for people to “control one another.”
Empty Words includes spoken word, live musical performances of Vexations by Erik Satie, projections, art objects, and other actions. A dusk ’til dawn collective contemplation of surrender as an opening up to a hopeful future. A spontaneous blend of community festival and a theatrical performance tempered by an attitude of thoughtful expectation. A transformation of darkness into the light, of words into music. The event aims to celebrate these ideas, “so that we can do our living…”
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