Warrington Night Shelter Project
In 1995 I undertook a photographic project with the Warrington Night shelter in the north west of England.

Warrington is around halfway between the cities of Manchester and Liverpool and has a population now nudging 200,000.

The night shelter project started in November and went through to February. It was organised by the Warrington YMCA and various church and voluntary groups in the town.

I started to record some of the helpers, visitors (transient and less so) using Kodak Tmax400 35mm film. This was all hand rolled from 100metre spools and images taken with an Olympus OM4.

For my last session I set up a full studio lighting arrangement and took paired images of helpers and users on a 6x6 medium format Mamiya . See www.flickr.com/photos/hotpixuk/4139599110/in/set-72157622... It is sometimes hard to guess who is who. This just emphasises that the distance between us all is tiny. But for the grace of god, fate or good planning go we.

An exhibition was organised in 1996 with the kind assistance of Ilford Ltd. Images contributed to my successful city and guilds photo journalism module and resultant LRPS.

I learnt a lot about my own town that I lived in and met a lot of individuals who inspired me, helpers and visitors. The experience certainly left its mark on me and continues to shape how I work and relate to people in all aspects of my life.

Make a difference, do your bit and donate to Shelter here england.shelter.org.uk/donate

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