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    Two has many properties in mathematics. An integer is called even if it is divisible by 2. For integers written in a numeral system based on an even number, such as decimal and hexadecimal, divisibility by 2 is easily tested by merely looking at the last digit. If it is even, then the whole number is even. In particular, when written in the decimal system, all multiples of 2 will end in 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8.

    Two is the smallest and the first prime number, and the only even one (for this reason it is sometimes called "the oddest prime"). The next prime is three. Two and three are the only two consecutive prime numbers. 2 is the first Sophie Germain prime, the first factorial prime, the first Lucas prime, and the first Smarandache-Wellin prime

    Despite being a prime, two is also a highly composite number, because it has more divisors than the number one. Two is the smallest highly composite number. The next highly composite number is four.

    Vulgar fractions with 2 or 5 in the denominator do not yield infinite decimal expansions, as is the case with all other primes, because 2 and 5 are factors of ten, the decimal base.

    Two is the base of the simplest numeral system in which natural numbers can be written concisely, being the length of the number a logarithm of the value of the number (whereas in base 1 the length of the number is the value of the number itself); the binary system is used in computers.

    The glyph used in the modern Western world to represent the number 2 traces its roots back to the Brahmin Indians, who wrote "2" as two horizontal lines. The modern Chinese and Japanese languages still use this method. The Gupta rotated the two lines 45 degrees, making them diagonal, and sometimes also made the top line shorter and made its bottom end curve towards the center of the bottom line.

    Apparently for speed, the Nagari started making the top line more like a curve and connecting to the bottom line. The Ghubar Arabs made the bottom line completely vertical, and now the glyph looks like a dotless closing question mark. Restoring the bottom line to its original horizontal position, but keeping the top line as a curve that connects to the bottom line leads to our modern glyph.

    Two is the atomic number of helium. Also the resin identification code used in recycling to identify high-density polyethylene.

    Sir Jackie Stewart, who hails from Milton, unveiled this his most successful car, which has been loaned to the National Museum of Scotland for at least three years. It is dark blue with the number two. In the Tyrrell Ford he won eight championships.

    Death on TWO legs - enjoy

    (c) Hotpix / HotpixUK Tony Smith - WDCC

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    1. meatball85 24 months ago | reply

      A great picture of such an iconic car

    2. MedoRRa 24 months ago | reply

      Questa bellissima foto merita un premio dal
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    3. MARIUCA2014 24 months ago | reply

      impressive and interesting pic, hugs

    4. johnb/Derbys/UK. 24 months ago | reply

      Very nice !!!
      Have a nice weekend ! seen in my contacts/friends photos

    5. Tony Shertila 24 months ago | reply

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    6. Roberto Fraile 24 months ago | reply

      He visto esta hermosa foto en Blue Magic
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    7. FLEMING2009 24 months ago | reply

      This is a piece of art!
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    8. Gochac fotografía 24 months ago | reply

      Buena imagen.
      Tiene historia.

    9. pasujoba 24 months ago | reply

      classy ....First class in fact !

    10. Jez22 24 months ago | reply


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    11. stampolina - thanks to all for sending stamps!! :) 18 months ago | reply

      great shot of this serie!

      funny ...a multi-lingual double-number-shot:
      the company-word "elf" in this pic means in german "eleven" = "11")

      fine shot! congrats!

    12. spelio 13 months ago | reply

      can't find a dashboard tag... On your sets..

      See the Motoring Mystic story here...

    13. Fausto Bufardeci 13 months ago | reply

      Vista e apprezzata nel gruppo
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    14. Ignazio Corda 13 months ago | reply

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