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iPod Shuffle2 - Anniversary

Suzanne Vega - Anniversary - Play this track here.


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This image is taken from a large joiner I took on May 10th 1994 from Liberty Island in New York harbour. An hour before I had witnessed a solar eclipse. To one side was the statue of liberty and the other, the New York Manhatten Skyline, crowned by the Twin Towers of The World Trade Centre and the wall Street financial district. The day before I had visited the observation deck of the south tower.


A bombing had been attempted the previous year on the 26th February


The joiner has been on my wall, appropriately mounted on black card for many years.


Too many innocents died that day, a result of a twisted idealogy that resulted in 767 aircraft being used as weapons and decades of failure of the west in bringing peace and lasting compromise to many poorer nations or ones where there is a financial interest.


The framing of the response as a 'war on terror' or a 'crusade' has been less than helpful from Mr Bush and Blair. Both of which have moved on to profit from their memoirs and speaking tours. Blair in his 'Envoy of the Quartet on the Middle East' role in the first nine days of the 2008–2009 Israel-Gaza conflict, was allegedly spotted at the opening of the Armani store at Knightsbridge, London. Aides said he had been in phone contact with other world leaders since the fighting began. Yeah right.


A decade on, have we done everything to make this a safer, fairer world?

It's my hunch the faster we do, the easier it will be to tackle some of the roots what causes radicalism across the world, whatever your religious beliefs may be or whoever you believed your prophet to be (or maybe he/she has not arrived yet).


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Taken on May 10, 1994