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iPod Shuffle2 - Disco Inferno / Hit The North / Death Of A Disco Dancer

A track for everyone here:


Trampps 'Disco Inferno' - Play this track here.

The Fall 'Hit The North' - Play this track here.

The Smiths 'Death Of A Disco Dancer ' - Play this track here.


Three tracks that all get 'heavy rotation' on my iPod.


Unfortunately the old 'Mr Smiths' has now seen better days. Closed now in its last incarnation as Halo, most people might remember it as the start point of the TV show 'Hitman and Her'.


It was a British television dance music show hosted by (record producer & keen keen railway enthusiast) Pete Waterman and (Vegetarian Childrens TV star) Michaela Strachan. It ran almost continuously for over four years and three months September 1988 until December 1992.


Mr Smiths was quite a good club, visible from anyone crossing Bridge St into town. Tuesdays was usually a lively night. It was pound a pint in town and all Chinese takeaways were closed that night, hence in Mr Smiths it was often referred to as 'Triad Night', due to all young Chinese things partying.


If you have a memory of the old Mr Smiths, please leave a comment.


One comment I spotted on a blog was this:

Tommy G // Dec 17, 2008 at 1:42 pm


club is a state, if ure a chav and u like a good scrap, and a floor that your feet stick to, get yourself in their! MAd as toast! there!


¿Whats this iPod Shuffle set all about? Read about it here


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¿Whats this iPod Shuffle set all about? Read about it here


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