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iPod Shuffle - Lightning Is My Girl

Lightning Is My Girl - "Melissa Auf Der Maur" - Play this track here.


¿Whats this iPod Shuffle set all about? Read about it here


This is a great track from a very under-rated artist. She spent some time in (Kurt Cobain ex Courtney Love's) Hole and in her younger years at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec as a photography major. Melissa Auf Der Maur has dual US & Canadian citizenship and speaks both English and French.


In 2004, Melissa released her first solo effort Auf der Maur, garnering airplay on modern rock radio stations for the singles "Followed the Waves," "Real a Lie" and "Taste You. The same year, she appeared on the CBC television program The Greatest Canadian, as David Suzuki's celebrity advocate. Auf der Maur was part of the November 2004 "Love Metal" tour also featuring HIM and 2004's Curiosa. She was also the opening act for Matthew Good's "Put Out Your Lights" tour in 2004, as well as for The Offspring's Splinter tour in 2004.


Auf der Maur is also an experienced photographer. She was a photography major specializing in self-portraiture at Concordia University when she was invited to join Hole in 1994. Her photos have been published in Nylon, Bust, Mastermind, and American Photo, among other magazines. Her photos were also in the exhibition The Kids are Alright at Sotheby's in New York City along with photos by Yelena Yemchuk.


She put together a solo exhibition in 2001, under the name of Channels. It mostly featured shots of Auf der Maur's life on the road, with a recurring TV theme and shots of hotel TV screens, hence the name Channels. The exhibition opened September 9, 2001, at Brooklyn's Secret Gallery, but was shut down after the September 11 attacks




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Scholars have speculated that the 'Lesbia' he addressed in some poems was the elegant widow Clodia, who was attacked by the orator Cicero in court (in his defence of Caelius, 56 BC) for her loose living. The second-century satirist Juvenal devoted his longest poem to the horrors of marriage. It is a gallery of awful married women whose vices (such as body-building and correcting their husbands' grammar) include committing adultery with men, women and even donkeys! It's racy reading, but not exactly reportage.


In short, little is accurately known. Dont believe all you see in Dobbies....


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