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A Tribute to Mav

November 8........Don't have much to say today, just another day in the life of.....going to Mav's tonight for some portrait taking.....I hope I am hot enough!


This photo, a tribute to Chris Maverick, founder of 365, administrator extraordinaire, and all around fabulous guy! He has become a really good friend and I am so thankful that I have met him!


There's only two types of men

Pimps and John's

There's one type of bitch

And that's a hoe

God damn holly hooker this is my world

God damn time to go

Where's my dough

It's startin to snow

All I want is the dollas

I've been a pimp so long I knew gahndi when he had an afro


Pimp, hold my dick like a holster

All the girls want a CHRIS MAV poster

And be able to both stay looked at

The number one pimp with the number one rap

What's up with that

Well I'm a cool cat

With the rap

That's harder than a pimp slap

And because I do so much pimpin

One day I'll probably walk with a limp

And drive a big Lincoln

Wearin an unbuttoned shirt

And be a fifty-five year old pervert

But for now rap's the occupation

But one day watch I'll be Pimp Of The Nation


Hoes are rustlic

Daddy's in the house

We got hoes and hoes and hoes

Prices so low

We pratically given the coochie coo away

Shake that booty, Shake that booty

Its not a bake sell, its a cake sell

God Damn It


Pimp of the Nation, I could be it

As a matter of a fact, I for see it

But only pimpin hoes with the big tush

While you be left pimpin Barbra Bush

What's up granny

First name Annie

Dried up cunt and a saggin fanny

The highlight of your sex adventures

You wanna suck this take out your denchers

A show of life is all I'm givin

Old pimp young hoes is how I'm livin

But for now rap's the occupation

But watch one day I'll be Pimp Of The Nation


I got all the hookers, God Damn It

I got Sensational Sherry, Juicy Lucy, Nasty Nancy, and Tammy Toe Jam

All of them ready, willing, and able to give the mack daddy all the dollas

And all the coochie coo till death do we part



I have hoes like horses in a stable

Rich, famous, willing, and able

First off Ja Ja Kubore and tiffer gore

Is my highest paid whore

And for some hot booty waxin

Fake ass Latoya Jackson

Rosanne Barr is my newest trick

While on the beach I prune her with the dick

And the bitch who fucks with my cash

Robin Givens I'll whip your ass

Yeah Kid Rock, Kid Rock

Don't you fuck with me

I'll be Pimp of the Nation


.....................Kid Rock....................(I'm not a fan, but have always enjoyed this song)

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Taken on November 8, 2006