9th & 10th October 2015 at magas Hotel

The artists:

Club Real (DE/AT), Alix Denambride (FR), SILK Fluegge (AT), Deborah Hazler (AT), Patrik Huber (AT), Martha Laschkolnig und Markus Zett (AT) , Brian Lobel (GB), Veronika Merklein (DE/AT), Mandy Romero (GB), Mario Sinnhofer (AT), Chris Swoon (AT), Elise Terranova (AU), Time´s Up (AT), Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy (AU), andakawa (AT), Your Cousin PIA (AT), Rea Zekkou (GR)

Hotel Obscura focuses on the surreal and sensuous aspects of the hotel by using one-to-one performances and playful elements of experimental theater. In vienna, visitors have been invited to spend 15 minutes per session in several hotel rooms visiting a range of performance events and creating a unique and personalised experience. A lounge area for discussion & exchange was available.
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