Morel Mushrooms

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    My husband and I found nearly 300 already!! (well actually i should just say my husband found them...i only found 11 of them LOL)

    The morel mushroom season varys in time span across various regions of the United States. Typically it arrives in the spring months beginning late March and may run on into early June. Seasons will typically last three to four weeks from start to finish, although this can vary depending on the cooperation of Mother Nature. Many variables such as ground temperature and rain levels dictate the growing cycle and how bountiful the crop. There have been many studies as to how, where and why the morels make their grand appearance in certain conditions and not others. Most mushroom hunters will present all kinds of "SWATS" (Scientific Wild Ass Theories) on how, where and when to find them. Almost every mushroom hunter will have a few "SWATS" of their own, some with merit, while others are just that....theories. Typically they are found in moist areas (not wet or marshy) around dying or dead Elm trees. Sycamore, Ash, and old apple orchards are also common types of trees in which morel hunters will seek out in search of the morels. You may even find them growing in your own backyard or flower bed.

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    1. Jo Ann 315 107 months ago | reply

      Wonderful macro. They look so spongy.

    2. My Symbiosis [deleted] 107 months ago | reply

      Now that is an interesting and very cool macro! They are all similar shapes and similar colors, but so diverse at the same time. really wonderful composition.

      Well done!

      Thanks for sharing :)

    3. Robert Tilman 107 months ago | reply

      Great textures!

    4. Weaving A Curious Life 107 months ago | reply

      My taste buds are watering with envy. The photo is wonderful. Thanks for sharingit with us.

    5. ~flutterby~ 107 months ago | reply

      thank you everyone!!

    6. ~flutterby~ 107 months ago | reply

      thank you chillntravel!!

    7. kth58 [deleted] 107 months ago | reply

      that's lovely,what do you do ?,dry them out?...

    8. ~flutterby~ 107 months ago | reply

      these were just picked and were already dry. we just clean them, cut them up, and cook them. they are good if you cook them right!
      thank you:)

    9. flikr 106 months ago | reply

      beautiful, fresh morels are one truly lovely thing!

    10. soy_crazydiamond 73 months ago | reply

      Come to the group Addicted to Morels and post your pics and vids.

    11. Mei Man Ren Sheng 13 months ago | reply

      Thank you for making this photo available under the creative commons license. I plan to use it on my ingredient section of my blogs with attribution: and both blogs on Italian food in Chinese and English.

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