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Little | by HopsMaltYeast
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“Little”, the family cat. Mostly blind, about 3 too many run-ins with automobiles, one poisonous snake bite to the head, detached retina in left eye, also mostly deaf, getting senile, sore bones and joints, sleeps about 8 hours for every waking hour.


Still poses well with those tiny quarter-sized paws close together and turned just so, like a dandy character from a Molière play (he has a well turned calf.).


Which reminds me a story about two cats I heard on the news very early this morning.


You have to wonder about the qualifications for talking head newsreaders on TV.


Are qualifications limited to just: nice face, good “network” hair, and a pleasant voice?


Half asleep in early morning half listening to one of the cable TV news channels:


In Jerusalem a wild Leopard jumped into someone’s bedroom window chasing the family cat and the man awoke, saved the family cat, subdued the animal with blankets for 20 minutes waiting for animal control to come and take care of it.


I am guessing they showed tape of the animal being removed unconscious from the home – I was half asleep and not watching and heard this exchange:


Talking Head 1: Oh, my gosh. I hope he is just euthanized and not dead.


Talking Head 2: I think you mean anesthetized. He looked anesthetized.


Talking Head 1: Oh No! You mean they killed him?


Talking Head 2: Blink. Blink. Blank stare: No that would euthanasia. I think you meant to say anesthetized, as in tranquilized.


Talking Head 1: Blink. Blink. Blank Stare: What?


Talking Head 2: We’ll be back after this commercial.


Did anyone else catch this? By then continuing to snooze was out of the question; time to get up and make the coffee.


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Taken on December 3, 2006